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Air Freshener Citrus Breeze

by Spiffy Naturals

This Spiffy Naturals Room Spray is 100% natural made with 100% pure and organic essential oils! Your home will smell fresh and clean with this uplifting spray!

Size: 8oz


100% pure Lavender essential oil, 100% pure Orange essential oil, 100% pure Peppermint essential oil, purified water

Vendor Info

Spiffy Naturals is an Eco-conscious and all natural home care innovator. They provide all natural products that truly are safe, made with minimal ingredients and absolutely zero chemicals. We do this through partnerships with local juice bars. At the end of each day we collect their left over citrus rinds and create a powerful cleaning product with simple and effective ingredients. We carry a line of plant based and all-purpose surface cleaners, hypoallergenic laundry soap and all natural air fresheners right now and we are constantly growing and adding new items. 

Made in: Hamilton, On.