Meet Our Dundurn Market Team

Ever wondered why our Market is so great? It is because of the awesome group of individuals that range from talented yoga Instructors, nutritionists and sustainability specialists to local business entrepreneurs and PhD's. We are fortunate to have such an amazing group of passionate and enthusiastic individuals on our team.



Front of House/Local Produce Specialist

When she’s not at the market, you can find this lovely soul teaching yoga. She’s a natural-born healer with an in-depth knowledge of local food.


Front of House/Kitchen Master

At the front of house or in the kitchen, Megan leaves a positive mark wherever she goes. This environmental science major is passionate about sustainability!


Front of House/Kitchen Master

One of many plant-based team members, Lily is currently studying nutrition at Western University. When she’s not at the market, she living an active and jam-packed lifestyle!


Co-founder/Market Manager

The market’s co-founder! He’s passionate about the environment, sustainability, and finding the best nutrient-dense, local, and organic foods he can for the market.


Delivery Operations Manager

An organic farmer and community gardener, and an all-season cyclist with a flair for adventure, he’s a jack of all trades. This guy runs our delivery operations.


Coffeecology Operations Manager

The coffee man! If you love the coffee at the market, or if you get it delivered to your home or office, you have Paul to thank. He’s manages operations for Coffeecology. He’s also one of the kindest and funniest guys you will meet!


Front of House Specialist

When she’s not making incredible drinks for our customers and staff, Sarah is teaching at McMaster and working hard as a community organizer in Hamilton.


Front of House Specialist

This woman kills it all over this fantastic city. A co-founder of many of your favourite local cafes and pubs, Ella has joined the team at the Market helping to make sure we are always bringing our A-game.


Local Foods Creator/Master

Fraser works hard to develop delicious, nutrient-dense recipes for our salads, entrees, and more! Check out his website ( and give him a follow @fraserfras (instagram).

Helen (aka El Jefe)

Front of House Manager

She will always leave you with a smile on your face! Helen is beloved by our customers and our staff, she basically runs the show. She is currently on maternity leave but we can’t wait to have her back!


Assistant Market Manager

Our store manager! Erin brings many years of experience as a cafe manager and pastry chef, making sure everything around here runs as smoothly and deliciously as possible.



Our other co-founder! Roger has had much success opening and operating cafes all around Hamilton. He has some pretty big picture vision and we are all lucky to have him as a mentor.


Social Media & Marketing/Front of House Specialist

What can’t she do? Our in-house nutritionist and social media manager, Chloe is incredibly knowledgeable, kind, and hard-working -- and she makes a killer latte!


Front of House Specialist

Reyna is a master of lattes and espresso! When Reyna is not serving up the best espresso drinks this city has to offer, you can find her running experiments at McMaster University or leading local nature walks in Cootes Paradise.


Head of Kitchen

This amazing and talented women is the one behind all of those amazing baked goods that our market is becoming famous for! Kortney specializes in vegan and healthy, whole food options. She is also the mastermind and creator of Moonlit Goddess; a line of organic and wildcrafted body products that are carried in the market.


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"The Dundurn Market has been such a lovely and necessary addition to the neighborhood. The food is delicious, the coffee is great and the service is excellent. The selection of produce is always just right and beautifully laid out. I can’t say enough good things about this place and recommend it highly. Hope to be able to keep coming here for years in the future!"

- Josh Weiss, Hamilton, On.
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"Great coffee on my doorstep. They have a coffee variety for every taste. Delivered by bicycle! Zero waste packaging. We love Bikeables. Highly recommend them. Check out Dundurn Market too!"

- Peter Benton, Hamilton, On.

"Great coffee on my doorstep. They have a coffee variety for every taste. Delivered by bicycle! Zero waste packaging. We love Bikeables. Highly recommend them. Check out Dundurn Market too!"

- Peter Benton, Hamilton, On.

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