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Donut Monster Donuts (6 Pack)

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Donut Monster

  • $16.79

Mmm...fresh baked the morning of delivery by the good folks at Donut Monster.  These tasty monsters might not give you a six-pack but they sure go down nice with some fresh roasted coffee!  Seriously, fresh baked donuts bike-delivered to your doorstep? Ride On!

Note: This item will be made fresh for you! Order by Tuesday night for same-week delivery.

Only available for delivery on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays! 

This Week's Flavours

(Week of June 19th). 

Cocoa Espresso (v): Tossed in a sugary blend of rich cocoa powder and finely ground espresso.

Strawberry Vanilla (v): Ontario strawberries and vanilla bean.

Brown Butter Walnut: Rich brown butter glaze with a dusting of sweetened walnuts.

Lemon Poppy Strawberry (v): Tart fresh lemon glaze, crunchy poppy seeds and a strawberry drizzle.

Maple Nut Filled: A maple and toasted pecan glaze over a creamy maple pudding filling.

Rhubarb Fritter (v): Fresh cut Hamilton-grown rhubarb in the dough with a tart rhubarb glaze.


Donut Monster makes small-batch, from-scratch donuts in the Hammer. And they're to die for.

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