Donut Monster

Donut Monster Donuts (6 Pack)- *Only Available Thursday-Saturday

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Locally Baked

Donut Monster


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Mmm...fresh baked the morning of delivery by the good folks at Donut Monster.  These tasty monsters might not give you a six-pack but they sure go down nice with some fresh roasted coffee!  Seriously, fresh baked donuts bike-delivered to your doorstep? Ride On!

Note: This item will be made fresh for you! Order by Tuesday night for same-week delivery.

This Week's Flavours

Roasted Peanut (v): Peanut butter glaze blended with ground roasted peanuts.

Honey Cardamom Cream: Cedarwood honey glaze blended with cardamom infused cream.

Blueberry Basil (v): Local blueberry glaze infused with fresh basil.

Raspberry Habanero (v): Sweet and tart fresh raspberry glaze with a touch of spicy habanero pepper.

Strawberry Lemonade Filled: Fresh Ontario strawberry glaze with a lemon curd filling and candied lemon zest.

Apricot Vanilla Fritter (v): Ontario apricots in the dough with a vanilla bean glaze.

Vendor Info

Donut Monster makes small-batch, from-scratch donuts in the Hammer. And they're to die for.


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Customer Reviews

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We deliver weekly by cargo bike and electric car with zero emissions! We offer 6 delivery days per week in the L8P and L8R postal codes. 3 Days per week in the L8S postal codes and 2 days per week in the L8M, L8N, L8L postal code areas.

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